I, too (the Eternal)

18 Juni 2016

I am the homecoming queen every time I am home and coming.

I snatch sweets from the table like a coltish child.

My hair breeds winters and grows nests for birds.

My skin is the garment for the shaman within.


I am known to abandon ships, tables and altars.

I am the sailor, the cook and the grail.


My stars smell of havoc, of moisture, of fields.

Roots dig into my earth.

I breathe the soil within.

I travel below, where all language has faded.

My sails are my canvas.


I am His priestess.

I sing prayers of black and gold.

I am the saintly wizard, the virgin whore.

My body yields all colours.

My hips bear lightness and a fortress of stone.


This is the world I was brought into.

This is the temple I care for.

This is the wonder which never fades.



I.S., 18.06.2016


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