The author

Short version in English, because I was asked to do so:

I usually do not delete any entries, although they might show an older, long gone „me“.
It’s still a part of me, but should be interpreted carefully.

Please do not expect me to write „perfect English“. I sometimes use certain words although I know more „correct“ ones in English, but the connotation, the meaning I give these words is strongly influenced by me and my native tongue. Of course some of the words that seem unfitting to you may also be mistakes – Mea culpa.

Effects > Skills.

Something about me?
I am carried on by emotions (and anything that causes them), the thirst and search for knowledge and never fading curiosity – hence you shouldn’t expect me to be an extremely unimpulsive person.
I would describe myself as very susceptible to all kinds of true art, expressionism and secrecy – especially myths, mythologies, tales and legends of all cultures have always fascinated me.
At the moment I am studying and very curious how my future will unfold.
Many-sided, impulsive and emotional as I am I try to be creative whenever I am in the right mood, playing the violin or writing – I’m not always succesful.
I try to take life with all the humour I can bring up – and sometimes rest in silent admiring of the beauty it has in store for me.
Languages, etymological origins and developments and the historical/religious movements behind them has become one of my biggest interests.


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